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by TeamAlpha •

CannaButter Recipe

  Preset Cycle 2 Hours Temperature 160º Make your toast pop with some cannabutter infused from our EdiWhip. Infused butter is a delicious and versatile carrier for THC and other cannabinoids. Cannabutter is the most famous edible out there. Its high saturated fat content makes it work well and can be used in practically any recipe. Clarified or regular unsalted butter can be used depending on your preference. Clarified butter is a dairy free alternative with a longer shelf life and higher lipid profile, better for infusing. Flavor your cannabutter and get creative. Dress up this base recipe by adding ingredients like honey and lavender, roaster garlic and chives, roasted jalapeno and cilantro-lime, raspberry jam or other delicious combinations. Ingredients ¼-½ ounce/7-14g Decarbed herbs per cup/240ml, adjust amount to personal preference 2 ½ - 5 cups/475-1180ml UNSALTED butter, softened; for best results, clarified butter (ghee) 1T lecithin per cup How to: Place the ingredients into your EdiWhip and place the lid on securely Press Butter button Press Start button When the preset time is done, the machine will beep and automatically turn off. Unplug from the outlet and take the lid off. Using a glove, pour the contents slowly through your filter into trays, molds or storage container. TIPS: Do not use margarine or water. Do not use cold, firm butter. Soften first. For best potency results, we recommend clarifying your butter or using ghee.To clarify, gently melt and simmer the butter. Discard the milk solids and surface foam. Use the clear golden liquified butterfat. Check out our Ediwhip, our big dog pack member for infusing butter.