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Product FAQs


  • Will the Edibox hide the smell of my herbs?

    The EdiBox significantly reduces the smell of your herbs while they are heating, though the smell will not be 100% eliminated. Some users live in apartments and reported great success baking their herbs without raising attention.
  • How much will it hold?

    Up to 3 ounces of herbs
  • While decarbing, do I leave the thermometer in the box?

  • For cooking time, when do I start the timer?

    When the temperature INSIDE the box reaches 250 (for cannabis) start the timer. If you start the timer when you first put the box in the oven, it will be underbaked.
  • How to decarb kief or trim?

    Yes, heat your kief or trim up to 240 for 60 minutes to activate THC.
  • When I am done, what will my bud look like?

    Your buds will turn more brown than green. Decarbing will dry it out
  • Can I overcook my herbs?

    Too high of temp or too long will destroy the beneficial compounds of your herb.
  • EdiWhip

  • What is the difference between the EdiWhip vs crock pot?

    While a crock pot might heat your ingredients, the EdiWhip is more precise with tools for better potent results.
    Your crock pot has no immersion blender, digital thermostat or programmed functions. You are left to figure out when to stir, wondering if it’s hot enough, how much longer, etc.

    Don’t leave your herbs left to errors or “uh-oh” moments.

    The EdiWhip does the work for you, eliminating the tedious labor and guesswork of stirring, temperature settings, infusing time, etc. The EdiWhip cooks at the correct temperature for the correct amount of time with an immersion blade that goes on and off to mix the ingredients for perfect infusions.

    The best part is it’s an ALL – IN – 1 machine, both decarbing and infusing.
  • How hard is it to make cannabutter?

    The EdiWhip makes great cannabutter with no experience needed. You simply pour in your ingredients, hit two buttons and walk away. The Ediwhip will heat, stir and extract your herbs with preset functions, eliminating the mental and physical work for you. When complete, pour the infusion thru a filter into a glass container and your done.
  • Should I dry my herbs first?

    Yes, to minimize condensation, dry your herbs first. When heated, cannabis like all plants releases some water.
  • Can I make vape oil with the EdiWhip?

  • Can I use the trim from my plant in the EdiWhip?

    Yes! Shake, trim and stems can all be used in the EdiWhip. Decarb it just like regular flower and use it for any infusion, such as butter or coconut oil.
  • What are terpenes and why should I care?

    Terpenes are responsible for the flavor and aroma of cannabis.
  • What is a tincture?

    A tincture is a great alternative to smoking or inhalation. It is a liquid concentrate taken under the tongue or used to infuse food or drinks.

    Tinctures are created through alcohol extraction, pulling the plant’s beneficial compounds into a liquid concentrate.
  • Can I make oil for vapes?

    The EdiWhip can make tinctures you can use for vapes or gummies. The tinctures can be alcohol or glycerin based.
  • Why do I need to use lecithin?

    Lecithin increases absorption in the body. It’s highly recommended for oil or butter extractions. Use sunflower, rice or soy lecithin, any type (granule, powder or liquid.)
  • How do I find high proof alcohol?

    Any alcohol 150 proof (75% ABV) or above will work. Ask your local store as some rum and vodkas will get that high.
    A great resource for food grade, high proof alcohol is:
  • How much oil does it infuse at one time?

    For infusion, a minimum 2.5 cups of butter, oil or alcohol is needed. The amount of herb could be a nug or up to an ounce.
  • Can you control the temperature or time settings for decarbing?

    Yes, unlike other machines, you may manually adjust the time or temperature for each cycle, including decarb. Simply press the desired function button and change the time or temperature defaults as needed.

    Time change range from 30 minutes to 12 hours.

    Temperature can range from 32-250 degrees.
  • What is decarboxylation? And why do I need to do it?

    Cannabis must be heated to get the full benefits. When smoked, the flame activates the cannabis molecularly. Raw plant has little medical or psycho benefits.
    Cooking and baking edibles must start with decarboxylation. You must heat the plant to start the THC activation process.
    See our Decarb Articles.
  • What is the maximum amount of herb I can decarb at one time?

  • How do I infuse honey?

    When cooking with honey, it’s best to infuse it with an aid such as butter or oil.