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Calculating THC Dosages
For proper dosing, it’s important to get the math straight.  No one wants to end up… 
Numerous apps exist online to help you calculate dosages, some easier to understand than others. 
Following are guidelines for calculating THC dosages, old school style with some math involved.   They might seem intimidating at first, but once you work thru it a couple of times, it will be clear and easy.


Stain Potency

First, find out the THC potency for the strain you are cooking with.  Check strain databases and websites.

If you don’t know, start with a general estimate of 10% THC.  Most strains have about 10% THC.  15-20% THC are above average.  21% or greater is very strong.

Calculate THC Dosing

  1. Weigh your dry cannabis (grams)
  2. Convert the weight to milligrams
  3. Multiply weight by the THC percentage
  4. Determine total infusion amount
  5. Calculate percentage of THC used in your recipe.  Divide the amount used in your recipe by the total infused amount made
  6. Divide by the servings to calculate a per-serving THC dose

Might sound complicated, but let’s break it down with an easy example.


You made an infusion with 2.5 cups of butter and 2 grams of cannabis bud.  You then used 1 cup of butter to make 20 cookies.  How much THC does each cookie have?

  1. 2 grams of cannabis bud
  2. 2 grams = 2,000mg
  3. If the strain is 10% THC, 10% of 2,000mg is 200mg.     
                                   .10 x 2,000mg = 200mg THC
          4.  Your infusion made 2.5 cups of butter
            5.  Your recipe calls for 1 cup of butter

                     1 cup of butter / 2 ½ cups of infusion =  40% (aka .40)

                     200mg (Total THC of Infusion) x .4 (Infusion Amount Used in Recipe) = 80mg

              6.  Your recipe makes 20 cookies

                                       80mg / 20 cookies

                                        Each cookie has 4mg of THC