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EdiPack - Butter Tray, Filter Bags, Spatula, & Glove

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  • Perfect 5 piece, All-in-1 tool kit to make edibles
  • 100% Pure Silicone, BPA free, food grade
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer safe


  • Butter Mold, Makes 5 sticks with Tablespoon measurements, includes snap on lid for easy storage
  • 2 Filter Bags, Strain your infusion with micron nylon mesh screen (73 & 190)
  • Spatula, our ultimate spatula does it all.  Scrapes your bowls capturing every ounce of goodness and heat resistant to stir your pot.  Thick and sturdy handles and sides that won't rip!
  • Glove, Safely handle your warm infusions with heat resistant, nonstick glove




Cannabutter butter mold micron filters glove silicone edibles

EdiPack - Butter Tray, Filter Bags, Spatula, & Glove