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by TeamAlpha •


  Category Decarb Amount up to 1 ounce or 28 grams Preset Cycle 1 Hr 30 minutes Cook Temperature 250º NOTE: Mixing blades do not stir during the decarb setting. TIPS: To Decarb larger amounts up to 3 oz, consider the Alpha420 EdiBox. Directions Prepare your herbs. o Make sure herbs are dry, wet material can cause condensation. o Gently break herb with fingers into even sized pieces. o No need to crush or grind your herb and disturb the trichomes. Spread herbs evenly on the bottom without pressing them down or jamming the herbs in. Place the purple Decarb Lid on top of the chamber. o Slowly push down until the lid reaches the herbs. o The decarb lid is larger than the chamber to create a good heat seal. o Make sure lid is sealed against the side walls. It will be a slight “U” shape. Gently lower the EdiWhip top until the blades reach the Decarb lid. Move back and forth slightly until the blades drop below the lid. Press Decarb button (default is 250º for 1 Hr 30 minutes) Press Start When the preset time is done, the machine will beep and automatically turn off. Unplug from the outlet and take the lid off. Let the herbs cool completely or chill in freezer 10-15 minutes to fully retain herb nutrients. Now your herbs are ready to make edibles.