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How to Decarb Weed Easily at Home

by TeamAlpha |

Decarb Problems: Smell & Temperature

The 2 biggest problems of decarbing at home are 1) the dank smell and 2) baking at the right temps.

When baked in your oven, weed gives off a powerfully, pungent skunky odor that may raise unwanted attention.  Not only will the smell give you a headache but listening to put-off grumpy roommates or neighbors will only make it worse. 

Second, most oven temperatures vary wildly.  You might actually be over or under baked your cannabis.  You are using an expensive ingredient, so don’t you want to do it right?

Which decarb method is best? 

A quick online search on "decarboxylation" displays a multitude of decarb methods.

Mason Jar Decarboxylation

A popular method is to decarb cannabis in an oven using a mason jar.  The mason jar certainly contains the smells. 

However, your cannabis is at the mercy of your oven's accuracy.  Most ovens vary wildly as our EdiBox customers can testify, sometimes up to 50°.  The EdiBox includes a thermometer to reveal the TRUE temperature in an oven. 

Souv Vide Decarboxylation

Sous Vide involves putting the cannabis in a sealed plastic bag, then boiling it in water heated by an electronic element.

Bonus, the bag does contain the smells.

However, you can't reach ideal, optimal decarb temps of 240°F since water boils at 212° F.  To make up for it, you can boil the bag for a longer period of time. This lower temperature comes with the perk of preserving more aromatic terpenes but bottom line you are missing peak conversion ability due to temperature limitations.

You have spent good money on your product, why leave it underbaked and money on the table?

Crock Pot Decarboxylation

Without sounding redundant, using your crock pot leaves you at the mercy of temperature problems.  How does the low, medium or hot selections on your crock pot actually translate to actual temperatures?

Are you getting the most from your cannabis?  How do you know when using a crock pot?

Best Decarboxylator Machines

Alpha420 designed 3 decarboxylation solutions for DIY edibles at home: the EdiBox, EdiWhip and EdiOven.

The biggest win with our machines?  The EdiWhip and EdiOven are all in 1 machines. You can decarb and then infuse in the same machine. 

Many infusers on the market today only heat to 160°F.  That ain’t even close to the needed decarb temp of 240F.

All three protect your cannabis from oxygen and air exposure.  Preserve those terpenes and prevent them from evaporating.  Our customers notice a difference in flavor profiles.

EdiBox Decarboxylator Box

Decarb in your oven using the EdiBox without raising a stink. Keep the peace in your home. A rimmed, interlocking lid seals in the odors for smell proof baking.  Whether your in an apartment building or have a roommate who doesn’t share your 420 interests, bake without worry.

The included digital thermometer tells you the true temperature in your oven.  Most customers are surprised to see and learn that their oven is off, anywhere from 10-50 degrees.  Underbaked brownies might be delicious gooey goodness, but underbaked weed is like leaving money on the table.

EdiBox Decarb Box Decarbox

EdiWhip Decarboxylator & Infuser

The EdiWhip both decarbs and infuses in a counter top appliance.  Most butter infusers do not include a decarb function.  The EdiWhip is an all in 1 machine.  It will decarb and then easily make effective infusions. 

The EdiWhip makes 2 1/2 -5 cups of infusion.


EdiOven Decarboxylator & Infuser

The EdiOven both decarbs and infuses as well.  It's our newest pack member, built for smaller batches of up to 1 cup of infusion.

It includes a silicone sleeve and stirring rod making it ideal for decarbing wax, concentrates or working with sticky substances such as honey.