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How to Make Edibles for Beginners & Dosing Chart

How to Make Edibles for Beginners & Dosing Chart

by TeamAlpha |

Why Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are cooking up a storm, rapidly growing in popularity.   Edibles have come a LONG way from the magic brownie days.  Think infused gummies, condiments, cookies, decadent chocolates, savory sauces, beverages and more. 

Edibles can be eaten discretely, anytime, anywhere.  They are a simple, smoke-free alternative to get your dose of cannabis.

Edibles are healthier.  You can try cannabis without the negative effects of smoking, especially for those with allergies, asthma, etc.  Edibles are safer for your throat, lungs and airways without all the carcinogens and crud that come with smoking.

Craft Your Own Experience

Store-bought edibles cost a small fortune and often contain ingredients that can’t be pronounced.   

Many consumers are choosing to bake their own loaded desserts.  Consumers chose their own preferred ingredients, their favorite strains, thus controlling their own dosages.

Say hello to gluten free, sugar free, keto, locally sourced or organic ingredients, and savory flavors and goodbye to unwanted preservatives or ineffective strains. 

Following is a overview including numerous links for a deeper dive and understanding.

1. Decarboxylate Your Cannabis

Yes, you need to know some science to make edibles.  Don't worry we will help demystify this intimidating sounding process.

Simply put, bake your weed.

Raw cannabis freshly picked contains only THCA.  Eating it won't do you much good. 

Decarboxylation converts the THCA into THC thru a combination of time, heat and environment.

This "activation" happens instantaneously when one smokes cannabis. 

So first Heat to Eat your weed, our mantra.  For best edible results, please read our decarb FAQs here

2. Determine Your Edibles Dosing

Before making your edibles, you must know 1. your desired end result and 2. how much THC is in the flower, concentrate or material you are using.

How much THC do you want in each portion?

420FastBuds made this handy chart with recommended THC mg servings.

3. Extract & Infuse

THC must be captured from the plant.  Extract the THC into a high fat material or high proof alcohol.


Cannabis Edibles Made Easy

The problem with edibles is the daunting process to make the cannabutter, oils or tinctures.  Making butter on the stove can take so (**damn**) long, stirring for hours and hours.  Plus, it makes your kitchen smell like a pot processing plant.  Crock pots take on average 12 hours.    

Welcome to the EdiWhip, technology meets cannabis.  By integrating an immersion blender, microprocessor, and heating element together, the EdiWhip does the hard work for you.

Or for smaller batches up to 1 cup of infusion, consider our new and popular EdiOven.

Watch the game, read a book, take a walk rather than standing over a steaming stovetop wondering if your green soupy concoction looks done.


Start with What You Like

Edibles may seem intimidating.  Where do you begin?

Start with the recipes you know and love, dishes that you are already familiar with.  Simply use your infused butter or oil and start experimenting.  Sugary recipes or dishes tend to mask over any flavor from your infusions.

Spice up your pumpkin muffins.  Upgrade your rice Krispy treats.  Elevate your lemon bars.  Make your drink even more refreshing.  Medicate your syrup.

The possibilities are truly endless. 

That's why we designed the EdiOven and EdiWhip, you should have the tools you need to easily whip up your own creations at home.