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How to Make Edibles with Cannabis: Top 7 Mistakes Newbies Make

by TeamAlpha |

Edibles are an exciting world to venture into.

Read on to learn of the most common mistakes to avoid.  Your using an expensive ingredient so let’s get this right.

1. Cooking with raw cannabis

The number one mistake rookies make?  Using raw or underbaked cannabis. 
Raw cannabis isn’t going to do much to relieve pain or relax your mind.
And adding flower straight into your cookie batter may leave you underwhelmed.
Cannabis must be heated at the right temperature for the right time to correctly activate the THC, a process known as decarboxylation.
Decarbing must be done BEFORE infusion.  It may be tempting to throw all your ingredients in at once to save time but they are two different processes.
Decarbing cannabis before cooking takes additional time, but it will be worth the wait.

2. Speed Decarbing

There is no such thing as speed decarbing.  It’s a myth.  Good things do take time.
Heating at too high of temps for shorter time periods will only result crispy buds that have lost too many cannabinoids. 
And actually overbaking may change THC into CBN, a whole different cannabinoid.  CBN may cause feelings of grogginess, acting similar to a sedative. 
Trust us, proper decarboxylation will be worth the wait.

3. Grinding Your Cannabis Too Fine

Don’t believe what you hear about canna chefs grinding cannabis with a food processor or coffee grinder.  Tiny pieces of bud may actually give a grassy flavor to your cannabutter or edibles.

 4. Using too much cannabis

Since edibles typically give stronger effects than smoking, a little goes a long way. 
No need to use your best bud for baking.  You can extract valuable cannabinoids from shake, stems, leaves and trim.

5. Not Testing the Strength of Your infusion before cooking

Skip the game of Russian roulette.  Before you add your infusion to a recipe, check the potency.
Take a small teaspoon of your cannabutter, oil or infuson.  Wait an hour and judge the effects. 
Then, you can determine how much to truly add to a recipe.

6. Not stirring thoroughly

When adding infused oil or butter to a recipe, you must make sure it is evenly distributed throughout.  Otherwise, some people will feel nothing and others may feel spacey.
Stir.  And then stir again.

7. Squeezing out every last drop of the infusion

Yes, your weed is valuable, but squeezing out every possible drop may only be adding bad tasting plant pieces into your mix.  Your infusion may become bitter or earthy.
Slowly and carefully strain your cannabutter after infusing it.  Use cheesecloth or our nylon filter bags to only let the oils through.  Hold it over a bowl and let gravity do the work for you.