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How to Make Gummies: 10 Tips for Gummy Goodness

by Team Alpha |

10 Tips to Make Edible Gummies

Everyone wants gummies.  Chewy, gooey, wiggly, delicious goodness so easy to pop in your mouth, anywhere, anytime. 

Gummies are great medibles; the equal sizes give consistent dosing.  You know what to expect. 

Maybe you want gummies that help you sleep, gummies for stress, gummies for nerve pain, or gummies for fun.

Homemade gummies can be tricky to make but with a few easy tips, anyone can make gummy bears, candy or worms.  Save money rather than buying them at the dispensary.  (Spend a little on our EdiOven up front and save a lot long term.)

Also, check out our new arrival, our 10ML Gummy Mold!

Following are 10 tips to help make your gummy recipes easy. 

Homemade Gummy Tips:

      1. Use THC infused MCT Oil or Coconut Oil.MCT is a clear liquid and gives a more traditional gummy experience, clear gummies that jiggle.  MCT Oil has no flavor or smell and won’t detract from your gummy flavor.  Coconut Oil tastes ok and remains solid at room temperature, hence more firm, dense gummies.
      1. Stirring - Stirring is key! If not stirred well enough, the oil can separate from the gummy mix.  If foam develops on top, you have stirred too much. Simply skim off the foam and slow down a bit.
      2. Keto, sugar free gummies – Use sugar free jello instead! Use a 0.3oz packet of sugar free jello instead of the 3oz packet of regular jello.  Lose the sugar but keep your jello flavor.
      3. Unflavored gelatinUnflavored gelatin has no color or flavor but gives the gummy consistency everyone enjoys.
      4. Lecithin - To prevent your gummies from separating (the oil and water/juice), use lecithin. Lecithin is tasteless, but it’s important job is to keep ingredients together in recipes.  Either liquid or powered lecithin will do the job.  Some say liquid does a better job because it mixes in better.  Others report powdered works just fine.
      5. Use Fruit Juice - To help mask any herb-flavor, use fruit juice instead of water. It will also add some yummy sweetness.  Think apple or grape juice.  Avoid citrus or pineapple juice; they will prevent your gummies from solidifying.
      6. Extra Flavor – Whether you want to experiment or mask the cannabis taste even more, consider super strength flavoring oils. Think Orange Cream, green apple, tropical punch and more…
      7. Dry your gummies – Remove the gummies from the molds. Place them on a wire rack, parchment paper, or paper towel.  Allow the gummies to dry for at least 24 hours.  If you live in a humid or hot climate, air dry in the refrigerator.
      8. Keep them separated - To keep your gummies from sticking together, let them air dry for 24 hours first. Then coat your gummies in sugar, cornstarch or citric acid.  If you coat them before drying, they will melt and become a soupy mess.
      9. Bonus Tip - Store your gummies in a dark, cool place. In the freezer, they will keep for up to a year, in the refrigerator up to a couple of months.

      And the best tip of all - use our EdiOven for easy to make tinctures or cannaoil!  Relax and put your feet up while the EdiOven does the work.

      Now you can experiment with different flavors, oils, dosages, molds and more!