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  Preset Cycle 4 Hours Temperature Default 130º Tinctures are alcohol extracted products. Alcohol is extremely efficient in pulling the active ingredients from your herbs. A few drops are placed under the tongue. Small capillaries in the mouth rapidly absorb the active ingredients for quick effects that typically last awhile.Drops can easily be micro-dosed and be taken readily anywhere.Tinctures break down rapidly if exposed to heat or light. Tinctures should be kept in sealed, dark containers, kept away from heat or light.Glycerin can be used rather than alcohol but is only about 1/3 as potent for the same amount of herbs. Ingredients ¼-1 ounce/7-28g decarbed herbs per cup/240º ml* 2 ½ -5 cups/475-1180ml Grain alcohol (151 or 190 proof) or vegetable glycerin How to: Place the ingredients into your EdiWhip and place the lid on securely. Press Tincture button. (Default is 130º for 4:00 Hrs. For a stronger flavor, adjust timer up to 8:00 Hrs). Press Start button. When the preset time is done, the machine will beep and automatically turn off. Unplug from the outlet and take the lid off. Using a glove, pour the contents slowly through your filter into container (preferably dark glass.) TIPS: Do not add water or lecithin. Refrigerate or store your tincture in a cool, dry place. CAUTION: Heating alcohol releases highly flammable fumes that may result in injury.  Use these materials at your own risk. No smoking.  Use in a well ventilated area.  Never use an open flame, natural gas or propane burner near the alcohol process.