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How to Store Cannabis Oil and Tinctures

by Team Alpha |

Taking proper care of  your cannabis infused products is vital to ensure a long shelf life and better protency.

If stored properly, cannabis tinctures or infusions have an incredibly long shelf life, even months or years.

Infusions will stay potent far longer than fresh flower or edibles that can mold.

How should I store infusions?

All cannabinoids degrade under heat, light or air whether it’s a tincture, cooking oil or lotion.

Your mission is to control these elements to protect your goods.

Think cool, dark and sealed.  Preferably use a container made of dark glass and an air tight lid.  If using a mason jar, be sure to store it in the dark.  Ultraviolet light or heat quickly degrades cannabinoids.

Avoid plastic, if possible, especially for tinctures.  Plastic notoriously leaches into your infusions and may even alter the flavor.

Storing Cannabutter or Cannoils

The refrigerator or freezer is ideal for storing cannabutter or infused oils.  Potency nor quality will be compromised.  (But never store raw cannabis in the refrigerator as damp conditions may cause mold to grow.)

Infusions lasts up to 3 weeks in a refrigerator or around 6 months in the freezer.  Fats can still go rancid even in the freezer.

Some people enjoy freezing cannabutter in ice cube trays for easy gradual use over time.  Take one out at a time for your cooking enjoyment.

Storing Tinctures

Brown or blue dropper bottles are preferred for storing tinctures.  Tinctures made from glycerin tend to be more perishable so refrigerator or freezer storage should be considered.

Labeling & Safety

In the haste to be done, many may skip this step.  However, taking a quick minute to label your infusions will greatly help you later.  Date and note the contents.

Also, clearly label it as THC to avoid unwanted problems.  Keep everyone safe.

Following all these guideline will help protect your cannabis infusions and extend their shelf life.

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