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What is FECO and How Should I Use It?

by Team Alpha |

FECO is becoming a popular form of cannabis and provides the broadest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes available.

FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) is a rich, dark resin extract or oil. 

Because it is full spectrum, it is commonly used for wide range of health benefits, including:  pain relief, inflammation relief, reducing anxiety, reducing depression, aiding insomnia and many more benefits.

FECO is significantly stronger than other cannabis oils.  Most people start out with a very small dosage to learn how it affects them.

What is the difference between FECO and RSO?

Both are highly concentrated forms of cannabis.  Both have medical value.

The difference is in the production of each.  FECO is a lot safer due to the solvent used.

FECO is produced at low temperatures and in most cases is made from 100% grain alcohol such as Everclear.  Once infused, the alcohol is evaporated either by gently heating the product or letting it stand at room temperature until only pure extract remains.

Typically, more cannabinoids remain in the FECO final resin extract.

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is produced at high temperatures and traditionally uses either ethyl alcohol, iso-propyl alcohol, or naphtha as a solvent.  Naptha comes from paint thinner, basically a byproduct of distilling petroleum.  RSO is generally assumed to have less phytonutrients than FECO due to the higher temperatures.

Why is Full Spectrum Important?

FECO and RSO are both full spectrum.  The entire cannabis plant is used including the flower and sometimes the leaves.  More nutrients are available for medical purposes.  There are up to 400 different phytonutrients, including essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, terpenes and cannabinoids.

The phytonutrients work together in the “entourage effect.”  FECO includes THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and more.

How Do You Use FECO?

FECO is potent with a high amount of THC.  A normal dose is about the size of single grain of rice.

If bought from a dispensary, it is sold typically in measured out syringes or capsules. 

FECO can be made from a tincture, mixed into a carrier oil such as olive oil or MCT oil.  This oil is taken under the tongue via a dropper.  The capillaries quickly absorb the oil effectively.   The effects are felt faster.

Generally, “start low and go slow.”  In other words, take a small amount and build up slowly over a few days or weeks to find the right dosage.

People use FECO and RSO topically or orally. 

How Do You Make FECO?

Our EdiOven produces an excellent quality FECO easily using Everclear.  The EdiOven evenly heats throughout the chamber to activate the full spectrum of cannabinoids.  Many infusers simply have an electric heater sensors on the bottom or side causing uneven heating.


Many people, including myself, find immense relief from FECO.  The broad full spectrum provides so many benefits.  I look forward to the day when this plant can be studied more openly for all of the good and well-being it provides.