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How to Decarb Time & Temp: Cannabis Decarboxylation FAQs

by TeamAlpha |

What is Decarboxylation?

Yes, you need to start here.  Your edibles will be stronger thanks to this process.

Decarboxylation might sound intimidating and like high school science that no one wants to remember.  But once you experience its benefits, you will want to remember this amazing science. 

Let’s demystify the process. Simply put, decarboxylation uses heat to transform and activate cannabis into the magic we all love it for. 

Most people are familiar with heating cannabis via smoking.  Smoking instantly converts it into THC. 

But without heating, raw cannabis won't do anything for you, it mainly contains THCA.

Heating cannabis removes this unwanted “A” (aka carboxylic acid group) and converts it to THC. 

Apply the right heat for the correct time period.  It is now chemically activated for your body and ready for consumption. 

Decarb Properly for Stronger Edibles

Like with any science, the closer you follow the formula, the better your results.

If you bake your cannabis at precise decarb temperatures, YES, you can make your weed more potent.

Yes, you edibles will be stronger using the same amount of cannabis.

It's all by following the science of decarboxylation. 

What is the best temperature for decarbing?

Proper decarbing is slow and low. 

Experts say that approximately 230-250°F is the "sweet spot" temperature to decarb cannabis.  In that range THCA converts to THC while still preserving many other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Can I speed up Decarbing?

One might be tempted to increase temperatures to speed up decarbing.  Some sites even advise this.  However, know that valuable terpenes will be burned off and lost at higher temperatures.

Higher temperatures or longer baking times activate other cannabinoids like CBD or CBN.  THC will be less effective if recommended temperatures or baking time is exceeded. 

"Speed decarbing" to reduce baking time is a myth.  Trust us, proper decarboxylation will be worth the wait.


Do I have to decarb before I infuse?

This is our most often asked question.  The biggest misconception people have is that decarbing and infusion happen at the same time.

No matter what you are baking or blending, remember the Alpha420 mantra “Heat to Eat”.

To get the maximum THC in your infusion, you must decarb BEFORE you infuse.  If you don’t decarb first, your product will only be 10-25% activated.  Your spending good money on your cannabis.  Don’t settle for a weak edibles.

To read about popular at home decarbing methods and solutions, read here.